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  • The Game(Rules):

    This is a simple memory game as you have played as a child. You have to finish the game twice a week on two different days. This means if you played it on monday you have also to play it one more time (tuesday to sunday).
    If you have you already done this, your username will be put on the "weeklist" where all the winners will be put together in a pot. The winner will be determined by a randomizer on Sunday at twelve o'clock. Playtime is Monday 00:00 to Sunday 11:30. The winner will be puplished public (only on the weeklist page) sunday starting at 12 a.m. to 12 p.m. The winner will be also informed by Mail.

Eligibility requirements

  1. Partizipation is not allowed for persons who has not reached by the age of 19.
  2. Payout in cash is not possible.
  3. Only Person who has verified correctly are able to get the acquisition.
  4. Persons who has done misstatements are not able to get the acquisition.
  5. The acquisition can't be given to a third person.
  6. The acquisition has to be encashed until 30 day after ascertainment of profits.
  7. Mulitaccounts are not allowed.
  8. If Multiaccount will be detected, every involved account will be delete and you lose yout right to claim the acquisitation.
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